Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Product and Service

Cybal Finance and Tax Services offers quality accounting services to clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Such accounting services include bookkeeping, and tax preparation services for individuals, sole proprietors and small to medium corporations.
Offering these services will help clients to manage their business more efficiently. Cybal Finance and Tax Services will provide recommendations and help their clients to understand the role accounting plays in effectively managing their business. The benefit is clients will spend less time doing their paperwork and leave more time to run their business Cybal Finance and Tax Services values building long – term relationships with its clients by responding to customer inquiries, maintaining good customer relations and solving problems. Services include preparation of:

Personal & Corporate Tax Return
Accounting, Bookkeeping
· A/R, A/P
· GST & Payroll Remittance
· Financial Statements

Other Services
· Financial Planning
· Retirement Planning
· Group Benefits

Cybal Finance Tax Services maintains complete sets of books, keeps records of accounts, verifies the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and provides personal accounting services.

There are many similarities in the accounting industry, however this company will provide outstanding service that will retain clients. People do not tend to change accounts every year since financial information is not easy and sometime costly to transfer year to year to different accounting companies. In addition, because of the confidential nature of income tax preparation, clients tend to remain with the same accountant.

Many competitors are larger establishments that charge about $75.00 per hour or more for their services. In addition, these larger firms are less flexible in meeting client needs and slower in adapting to changes in their markets. Furthermore, almost all of the competitors have office space and salary costs resulting in higher overhead that must be met through higher sales volumes (client needs vs. cash flow) or higher customer rates.

Cybal Finance and Tax Services are reasonable in the cost for its services, which often reflects a clients’ personal situation and involvement in preparation. Customer feedback reveals that the friendly, warm and personable manner in which they are served is very valuable.

Cybal Finance & Tax Services is fully computerized, utilizing many different types of applications for communicating, reporting, and documenting. Experience in accounting for private companies, tax preparation and education helps to provide a range of services that Cybal Finance & Tax Services can do. From annual tax filing to monthly recordkeeping reporting including: accounts payable and receivable, payroll reporting, and sales tax reporting. Beyond that, Cybal Finance & Tax Services offers tax, estate, and retirement planning. The challenge for this business is in the first year of operation the owner will manage all aspects of the business and time will be limited. The company offers convenient times to allow clients to seek assistance or service at home-based locations and/or services that can be provided at a client’s home or business. The company is flexible with time, as it will cater to clients’ needs on the evenings during the week, including Saturday.